Christmas creative writing ks1

Maybe the computer lab could help. Another way to "play" with numbers, colors, shapes, etc. It is also a way for them to respond to their learning.

Rice Lane Primary School

What if I get them excited about it and it is outside of their price range. Basic shapes are easy to draw and fill, and there is a nice selection of Magic Tools. It's a sure bet, then, that they'll love Tux Paint.

Step 4 Expression Children are taken back to Step 1, their own experience, to reflect on how this enquiry might have influenced their own starting points and beliefs.

For this list, we've focused on helpful tools for home or home business users, particularly apps that don't require a lot of technical expertise to download and install. Tux Paint is similar to Paint Shop except it's easier to use and way more fun. We are working on our cutting skills and assembling skills to create our very own Saturn.

In addition to our school fixtures we also have inter-house matches in all the major sports which are highly competitive.

All of the icons are large and have both images and text. The effects descriptions are all very kid-centred. Week 9- For our final week we made Christmas cards using felt for the Christmas tree and pipe cleaner trunks but we were so busy that Miss Tuplin forgot to take photos.

I do have two machines, one my Linux workhorse and the XP just to remind me machine on the side. However, they might be willing to make a smaller change, like replacing Internet Explorer with Firefox or switching from Microsoft Office to OpenOffice. Juergen's Focus on Linux Blog, January 6, "I highly recommend downloading a free and fun interactive drawing and painting program called Tux Paint The stamps change size, orientation and are easily erased and fixed so the first grader doesn't have to rub a whole in the pencil to change their mind.

It is very kid friendly. Tuxpaint is one of the most underrated applications available for Linux, and is appropriate for kids of all ages. Step 2 Investigation The teacher guides the children through the enquiry, children gaining subject knowledge carefully selected to assist their thinking about the key question.

Tux Paint is available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux users.

The Enchanted Woodland Topic Web

The way kids see and do things is really cool. My 6-year-old loves this program, and I think it's fun to play around with, too. We aim to create a happy, organised learning environment thus developing positive, confident attitudes towards Mathematics.

Atlases, maps and other text books are issued to the children, and their own research is encouraged through these mediums and the use of ICT, as well as the sharing of their own experiences. It's perfectly uncomplicated to use even very young children get along with the program in the best way and can provide the most beautiful pictures at the PC within a short time.

Each student was assigned a letter of the alphabet for which they drew a living or non-living thing using the program Tux Paint. It has a simple set of drawing tools, nice big buttons, extra-large mouse pointers and helpful text messages.

Everything is big — arrows, icons, text — to accommodate users with little hands just figuring out how to use a mouse. Week 5- This week we used coloured cellophane over the shape in a black piece of paper and layered them up to make new colours.

The Enquiry Approach

As part of this unit, I let kids create their own Pigeons. Mosspits Lane Primary School. Welcome to the website of Mosspits Lane Primary School, Wavertree, Liverpool. Blackrod Primary School. Cookie Notice. We use cookies to track usage and improve the website. Click here for more information.

I Understand. Art Club are so proud of their mixed media work combining colour washing, collage & photos to create a topic linked piece!

Blackrod Primary School. Cookie Notice. We use cookies to track usage and improve the website. Click here for more information. I Understand. This resource is suitable for both Key stages 3 and 4 when writing descriptively. With this PowerPoint led lesson students are asked to meet the following learning objectives: All must: Write descriptively.

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Christmas creative writing ks1
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